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We have something for everyone interested in American military history. While we feature the works of Civil War historian Patrick A. Schroeder, you can also shop for other books from Schroeder Publications.

Please contact us for a list of Virginia regimental series books available and prices. We have both in print and out of print titles available.

  • "Bear Flag and Bay State in the Civil War: The Californians of the Second Massachusetts Cavalry" by Thomas E. Parson, 220 pages — $42.50
  • "Bruce Catton's America" edited by Oliver Jensen, 222 pages — $15.00
  • "Camp and Field Life of the Fifth New York Volunteer Infantry, Duryee Zouaves" by Alfred Davenport, 485 pages — $40.00
  • "Charlie's Civil War: A Private's Trial By Fire in the 5th New York Volunteer - Duryee Zouaves and 146th New York Volunteer Infantry" by Charles Brandegee Livingstone, 242 pages — $30.00
  • "Freshwater Fishing in Virginia" by Gerald Almy, 96 pages — $9.95
  • "History of the Harpers Ferry Cavalry Expedition, September 14 & 15, 1862" by Allan L. Tischler (signed), 345 pages — $25.00
  • "History of the 78th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry" - Edited by J. T. Gibson, 257 pages — $39.95
  • "Julian Scott: Artist of the Civil War and Native America" by Robert J. Titterton, 315 pages — $55.00
  • "Out of the Wilderness: The Civil War Memoir of Cpl. Norton C. Shepard, 146th New York Volunteer Infantry" - Edited by Raymond W. Smith, 40 pages — $11.00
  • "The Fourteenth Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry in the Civil War" by Rev. William Davis Slease, 123 pages — $39.95
  • "The 149th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Unit in the Civil War" by Richard E. Matthews, 296 pages — $42.00
  • "The History of the "Bucktails": Kane Rifle Regiment of the Pennsylvania Reserve Corps (13th Pennsylvania Reserves, 42nd of the Line)" by O. R. Howard Thomson and William H. Rauch, 466 pages — $55.00
  • "The Reno Court of Inquiry" by W.A. Graham, Intro. by Brian C. Pohanka (signed), 303 pages — $20.00
  • "Under the Maltese Cross: Antietam to Appomattox - The Loyal Uprising in Western Pennsylvania 1861-1865 (Campaigns 155th Pennsylvania Regiment)" by the 155th Regimental Association, (Reprint) 817 pages — $75.00
  • "155th Volunteer Zouaves, Company K: A Detailed History of Its Organization and Service to the Country during the Civil War from 1862 until the Collapse of the Rebellion (Together with Many incidents and reminiscences of the Camp, the March and the Battle Field) (Also Much of the History of the Grand Old 155th)" by Bvt. Maj. D. P. Marshall, Assisted by Maj. J. A. Cline and Serg't W. D. Porter, 316 pages — $39.95
  • "War Journal of Louis N. Beaudry, Fifth New York Cavalry" by Louis N. Beaudry, Edited by Richard E. Beaudry, 248 pages — $35.00