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We Came To Fight:  The History of the

5th New York Veteran Volunteer Infantry, Duryée's Zouaves (1863-1865)

By Patrick A. Schroeder

In May 1863, one of the Union army's most colorful units, the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry, reached the end of its two-year term of service. Disciplined and battle-tested, the regiment known as "Duryée's Zouaves" had lived up to the fighting reputation of the famed French colonial troops, whose exotic uniform and reckless bravery they emulated. Most of the war-weary soldiers had seen enough of death and conflict. But their dashing young commander, Colonel Cleveland Winslow, was determined to return to the war with a veteran Zouave regiment.

Conceived amidst the violent chaos of the New York City Draft Riots and brought into being at a time when the Civil War had taken on a grim new reality, the 5th New York Veteran Volunteers differed considerably from the "Old Fifth." But they sported the tasseled fez and red trousers of the Duryée's Zouaves, and like their predecessors, they left a trail of blood and glory on the battlefields of Virginia. Assigned to Major General G. K. Warren's V Corps in the Army of the Potomac, they played a conspicuous part in the climatic campaigns of the war in the east.

We Came To Fight tells the story of this sometimes flawed but nonetheless heroic band of Zouave soldiers, who endured the spartan discipline of their officers and suffered the horrific carnage of U.S. Grant's inexorable offensive that brought the Union armies ever closer to the Confederate capital at Richmond. Drawing upon previously untapped archival material and the unpublished letters, diaries, and photographs of participants, Patrick Schroeder traces the history of Duryée's Zouaves from the ramshackle garrison town of Alexandria to the slaughter ground of Cold Harbor and Petersburg.

"Thanks to Schroeder's diligent research, we come to know these soldiers as human beings. We share their misery in the muddy trenches, exult in their unstoppable onslaught at the Battle of Five Forks, and experience the joy of final victory at Appomattox. After parading down Washington's Pennsylvania Avenue in the triumphant Grand Review of the Federal armies, the Zouaves of the 5th New York returned home to be mustered out of service, but left behind an imperishable legacy of valor." (from dust jacket) ~~ Brian Pohanka

The book has 536 pages, 95 photographs, 13 maps, and a complete roster. Price $45. ISBN: 1-889246-07-7

Painting: "The 5th New York Veteran Volunteer Infantry, Duryée's Zouaves" Prints, Note cards, Postcards available.

by Patsy Arrington Dorsett, 234 W. Augusta Avenue, Vinton, VA 24179.  Prints & T-shirts Available with this artwork.

Units associated with the 5th NY Veteran Volunteers:  5th, 12th, 14th Brooklyn (84th), 31st, 36th, 37th, 140th, 185th, 189th NY

Civil War books Schroeder Publications 5th New York Zouaves

We Came to Fight:   
The History of the
5th New York Veteran Volunteer Infantry, Duryée's Zouaves (1863-1865)

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