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Civil War books Schroeder Publications George F. Williams    Civil War books Schroeder Publications George F. Williams

Civil War Soldier Life: In Camp & Battle

By George F. Williams

This book by George Williams answers the questions most people would ask a Civil War soldier if they could. Williams served for the first three years of the war as a soldier and the last year as a journalist. He tells about going into battle for the first time and how it felt later as a veteran. Williams explains the difficulties for Americans making the transition from civilian to soldier. He writes of the pleasures of camp life, about winter quarters, and gives insight on the generals and their nicknames. Williams peppers the material with first hand accounts and humorous incidents. The main idea behind his writing was to educate people who had not seen military service in the war. Williams hoped to share the feelings and memories retained by the veterans and to help explain why they recalled the war so poignantly. His work is even more impressive because he is unbiased and pays respect to the soldiers both North and South. The assembling of this material is intended to fill the void of a small, readable, reliable, and affordable account of Civil War soldier life. There are accounts of Lincoln, Lee, and McClellan, not included in biographies of those men. It is enjoyable reading and invaluable for an understanding of the soldiers who participated in our country's most devastating conflict. The 44-page book is a soft cover with 18 pictures and sketches. Third Edition. Printed 2001. $5.00 ISBN-1-889246-04-2.

Civil War books Schroeder Publications George F. Williams

Civil War Soldier Life:  In Camp & Battle


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