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Paws & Tales by Pat Garber

Paws & Tales: 

Romance, heroism and intrigue on the Outer Bank through the words of Kali the boat cat & Harvey the island dog

By Pat Garber

Published by SCHROEDER PUBLICATIONS 2014.  Soft cover, 122 pages, photos and sketches.  ISBN 978-1-889246-64-2.  Price $14.95.     

          Set on Ocracoke Island, part of North Carolina's Outer Bank, Paws and Tales is an endearing story told in the words of Kali,

           a sailboat cat, and Harvey, an island dog. When Kali sails into the Ocracoke harbor with her person Sam, she senses that

           something unusual is about to happen. When a goofy but loveable Doberman pinscher called Harvey chases her off the edge

           of a dock, she finds herself adrift in an underworld of homeless cats, while Harvey and his person Emily ruefully regret the

           whole incident. What follows changes the lives of them all.


           Paws and Tales is sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who enjoys dogs, cats, island life, sailing, mystery, romance, and

            homespun efforts to protect our planet. In spite of its whimsical nature, it has a strong message about living a simple, caring life,

           fighting for what one believes in, and not judging others simply because they are different (in this case, the dogs and cats).


           Pat Garber is the award-winning author of four books set on Ocracoke Island, including Ocracoke Wild and Ocracoke Odyssey,

            as well as the Civil War book Heart Like a River. She has a background in environmental anthropology, history, and education,

            with a masterís degree from Northern Arizona University. Born and raised near Richmond, Virginia, she lives part-time with her

            dogs and cat in a little cottage on Ocracoke Island, not unlike the one described in Paws and Tales, as well as at several other

            out-of-the-way places in the West and North.



Paws & Tales by Pat Garber

Paws & Tales

Romance, heroism and intrigue on the Outer Banks through the words of Kali the boat cat and Harvey the island dog



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