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The Appomattox Campaign

March 29 – April 9, 1865


By Chris Calkins


Published by SCHROEDER PUBLICATIONS 2008.  Softcover, 240 pages, index, 18 special sidebars with in depth information, more than 70 photos and illustrations and 16 maps.  ISBN 1-889246-55-7.  Price $19.99.

Previous accounts of the Civil War’s last major campaign have often neglected the actual maneuvers and tactics of the units involved.  This book features a tactical approach to the final drama of the Civil War.  Innovative maps, sidebars and charts complement a dramatic narrative.  The fall of Petersburg and Richmond, the last battles at Dinwiddie Court House, Five Forks, Sutherland Station, Namozine Church, Amelia Springs, High Bridge, Sailor’s Creek, Cumberland Church, Appomattox Station, and Appomattox Court House as well as the surrender are all described by the author whose extensive knowledge of the historical sources is equaled by his long familiarity with the countryside over which the armies marched and fought.

The author provides a day-to-day narrative of this fascinating campaign, with a series of specially commissioned maps that make clear the complex series of maneuvers that finally brought Lee’s beleaguered army to bay.  Special sidebars highlight many incidents and personalities of the campaign, and the various Virginia locations through which the armies marched.  One sidebar also includes never-before-published information on African-Americans in Confederate service.  Record-keeping, especially for the Confederates, was difficult in the last hectic days of the war, and readers will find here the most complete order of battle and strength and casualty figures available for both sides.

The Appomattox Campaign also contains many references that make it easy to use in conjunction with the Commonwealth of Virginia’s official “Lee’s Retreat” sites.

Chris M. Calkins has spent years studying and leading tours of the Petersburg and Appomattox battlefields.  He played a significant role in the preservation of the Five Forks and Sailor’s Creek battlefields.  His numerous articles and books on the Civil War include Thirty–Six Hours before Appomattox and The Battle of Five Forks.  He is regarded by many specialists as having unsurpassed knowledge of the last Civil War Campaign in Virginia.


The Appomattox Campaign 

March 29 - April 9, 1965


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